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Nordic Oil

CBD Capsules (384mg)

sold by nordiccbd
sold by nordiccbd



Erleichterung und Genesung

  • 3 Blister mit 60 Kapseln (150mg CBD und 90mg Melatonin insgesamt)
  • Melatonin trägt zu einer kürzeren Einschlafzeit bei
  • Einfache und präzise Dosierung


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Product description

  • Details

Unsere Mani Drops mit CBD & Melatonin sind jetzt auch in Kapselform erhältich! Dank innovativer liposomaler Formulierung erhöhen die Kapseln die Bioverfügbarkeit von CBD um ein dreifaches, sodass diese noch effektiver sind. Melatonin ist ein körpereigenes Hormon, das mit Ihrer inneren Uhr zusammenarbeitet, damit Sie den Schlaf bekommen, den Sie benötigen. CBD kann Ihrem Körper ebenfalls dabei helfen sich zu entspannen – eine Kombination aus diesen beiden Stoffen verstärkt die Wirkung noch und lässt schlaflose Nächte der Vergangenheit angehören. Mit Hilfe der schonenden CO2-Extraktion bleiben die wertvollen Cannabinoide und Terpene der Hanfpflanze (Cannabis Sativa) intakt, sodass ein Vollspektrum an natürlichen Cannabinoiden entsteht. Zertifizierte Hanfpflanzen werden umweltschonend angebaut, was bedeutet, dass unser CBD Öl frei von Gentechnik ist. Außerdem sind unsere Öle glutenfrei und frei von jeglichen künstlichen Zusatz- und Farbstoffen.

  • Inhaltsstoffe

Kapsel: Gelatine, Glycerin, Farbstoff: pflanzlicher Kohlenstoff (E153). Inhalt der Kapsel: Nigella Sativa Samenöl, Gummi Arabicum, Lecithin (GMOfreie Soja), Polysorbat 80, Cannabidiol (aus vollem Hanfextrakt), Melatonin, Vitamin B6 als Pyridoxin HCl, Saccharosemonoester.э

  • Verzehrempfehlung

Die empfohlene Tagesmenge von 1 Kapsel (1,5mg Melatonin) am Tag nicht überschreiten.


CBD for pain relief

Why CBD is a good for pain relief?

Nowadays CBD products are showing good results in relieving chronic pain and periodical pains including arthritic pain, inflammation, managing seizures, and more. It is scientifically proven that the use of CBD products brings efficient pain soothing, discomfort reduction while having no side effects.
Condition improves not only because CBD holds plenty of healthy compounds, but also due to the natural enhancement of our own brains’ chemicals that are responsible for pain alleviation.

What is the “nature” of CBD?

CBD: what does it mean?
The abbreviation “CBD” stands for cannabidiol – a substance found in the “Cannabis sativa” plant, which is also called “Industrial hemp”. There are over 100 compounds of cannabinoid group found in that plant. The two best-researched are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD: a fully legal and harmless substance freely used for medicinal purposes.

THC: psychoactive compound limitedly used in CBD products.

Is CBD taken from marijuana?
It is not, and simply cannot be taken from there.
“Cannabis sativa” plant is divided into two strains: hemp and marijuana.

Marijuana is illegal. Contains dangerous levels of psychoactive and addictive chemicals, including high levels of THC. Whereas CBD levels in marijuana are extremely low.

Hemp is legal. Contains high levels of CBD and traces of THC available in low quantities.

What is the working secret of CBD?

This is a 100% natural pain-management solution.
CBD interacts with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. This is a system found in all mammals’ brains and is responsible for basic functions like sleep, memory, hunger, and pain.

Plant-derived CBD supplements intake naturally act on brain receptors. Therefore, pain alleviation is done by our own brain chemicals.

What are the benefits of CBD?

What are the beneficial properties of CBD?

Clinically proven anti-inflammatory effect, since CBD is rich with antioxidants.

Natural analgesic effect, since CBD diminishes pain perception in brain cells.

Have no serious side effects and no addictiveness compared to conventional opioid-based medications, therefore CBD products can cope with chronic long-term pain.

Why are our CBD products safe?

made of industrial hemp

legal to buy and use in the UK (Germany)

with legally permitted THC levels

backed up by eligible lab tests.

What to know before starting CBD?

If you consider switching to CBD-products from the conventional pain-killer, there are several things to take into account.

CBD products are not for pregnant and nursing women

We strongly advise consulting professional GP if you are on other medications

Recommended dosage is individual, depending on CBD product format (oil, capsules, topicals, vape liquids). Each particular product has a dosage guide included.