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This 500mg CBD Body Oil from IGNITE offers a whole host of health benefits for your skin. It contains vitamin E and a wholesome, plant-powered blend of five natural oils that deeply moisturise for that extra glow. Madagascan vanilla and lavender essential oils are a sensational addition which will leave your skin smelling beautiful.


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Product Description
IGNITE’s 500mg CBD Body Oil is the perfect solution to all your dry skin concerns. It not only contains CBD, but you’ll also find vitamin E and a smooth, enriching blend of five natural oils. Of particular note is the winning combination of Madagascan vanilla and lavender essential oils that will leave your skin beautifully scented and moisturised in a single application. The fountain of youth may have a mythical existence, yet this CBD Body Oil comes close to giving your skin the daily, youthful boost it needs.
CBD is the cannabis compound that is highly recognised for its beneficial properties, especially when ingested or taken into the body through other means. However, it has emerged that topical applications of CBD is also potent since it’s capable of interacting with endocannabinoid receptors in your skin.

The 500mg from IGNITE offers you an optimum CBD dose that nourishes the skin. With its high vitamin and antioxidant content, you can rely on more than just CBD. It also contains essential fatty acids, and the multi-ingredient formula works to give you healthy skin on all levels. The oil has a light, non-greasy texture that is easily absorbed by the skin for instantly moisturising and softening results. Your skin is a highly sensitive organ, and IGNITE has thoroughly tested this product to verify the absence of any harmful or harsh chemicals. This means you can freely apply this effective to any area of your skin that needs some tender loving and care.
The oil works best when you are on the go and need to give your dry hands a quick hydration treatment. It will also do wonders as a post-shower moisturiser. It effortlessly sinks into the upper layers of the skin, triggering a natural glow and tone.
Softly massage the oil into dry or partially dried skin, and you are on your way to reaping the benefits of natural ingredients contained in the oil. These are carefully combined to give your skin an instant softness that lasts.

Benefits of 500mg CBD Body oil
This all-body, gentle-massage oil offers the following benefits:

* Helps the skin to lock in more moisture
This CBD Body Oil is designed to help your body retain the moisture it needs throughout the day. It soaks quickly into your skin, penetrating the protective skin-cell layer to give you a natural radiance. Oils are particularly effective in this regard since they can limit skin dryness by hydrating you from the inside out. Deeply moisturised skin is soft and supple and will make you feel refreshed with every application. This 500mg CBD Body Oil from IGNITE is the ultimate body oil that takes care of all your dry skin concerns.

* Firms the skin and helps to improve appearance
Most people use body oils to achieve soft skin that smells fresh. The 500mg CBD Oil ticks that box, but in addition, it also works to make your overall appearance better. It improves the elasticity of your skin, for firming and tightening results. Vitamin E has excellent moisturising properties and may prevent the skin from excessive scarring caused by wounds.

* Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin
It is easy to neglect the health of your skin, particularly in times of stress. In such situations, the skin tissue can easily be deprived of nutrients when blood supply is routed to priority organs such as the brain and heart. Stress also promotes the production of free radicals which damage skin cells and lead to premature ageing. CBD Body Oil provides your skin with adequate and fitting nourishment. While it is normal to have ups and downs, your skin deserves to stay consistently healthy and revitalised.

* Boosts blood flow and circulation
With CBD Body Oil, you can combine many massage techniques to help your body relax and improve circulation in the skin. This is both an enjoyable and beneficial experience due to the pleasant smell and deeply moisturising effect, not to mention excellent health benefits. A gentle massage with CBD Body Oil helps to alleviate aches and pains while also reducing symptoms of and depression.
Contains a rich infusion of top natural oils
CBD Body Oil (500mg) derives its benefits in part to the following blend of natural oils:

* Grapeseed oil
Grapeseed oil is packed with and contains polyphenols that may have anti-ageing effects. It is safe to apply the oil to your face since it has a light texture that will not clog your pores if you are prone to breakouts. It also has anti- and anti-bacterial properties that help to the skin.

* Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is obtained from the seeds of the flowers of the evening primrose plant. It has been traditionally used to help clear acne and lessen eczema. Studies have shown that EPO oil may help to increase skin smoothness and improve firmness and elasticity.

* Madagascan vanilla & lavender essential oil blend
This luxurious blend is a great aromatherapy blend that contains fragrant notes of creamy vanilla and floral lavender. Madagascan vanilla has powerful antioxidant properties. The soothing nature of lavender also contributes to the balancing and rejuvenating qualities of this CBD Body Oil.

* Sweet almond oil
This oil is extracted from almond fruit seeds using cold-pressing methods. Sweet almond oil is famous for being gentle on the skin, and it is often recommended for sensitive skin types. It is subtly fragrant, and its emollient properties help to ensure your skin retains moisture as much as possible.

* Tamanu oil
Tamanu oil is recognizable by its green tinge, and it’s extracted from the kernel of the fruit found on the Tamanu Nut Tree. It has a rich Polynesian heritage and excellent medicinal properties that soothes dry skin conditions.
Why is CBD good for the skin?

When researching CBD’s health benefits, you will no doubt come across its topical applications. Of special note is the way CBD helps with dry skin, which is a common condition that is very hard to manage. It requires a delicate balance to restore normal skin health because over-moisturising can also prevent the skin from producing its natural oils. The advantage of applying CBD Body Oil to the skin is that it does not impair the normal functioning of your sebaceous glands.
Instead, CBD interacts with your skin glands to assist in the regulation of oil production so that the skin doesn’t produce too much or too little oil. In this way, 500mg CBD Body Oil from IGNITE can help ease symptoms associated with the following dry skin issues: itchiness, rough patches, peeling, and cracking. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can stimulate if your skin has been damaged from drying out too often. In effect, they promote soft and velvety skin texture.

Specification: 500mg CBD Body Oil

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