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Nordic Oil

CBD Oil (20%) with Curcumin

Nordic Oil

CBD Oil (20%) with Curcumin

sold by nordiccbd
sold by nordiccbd



Relief and recovery

Contains about 250 drops (8mg CBD per drop)

Suitable for standard dosing

With curcumin, piperine and black seed oil


- +

2000 mg

CBD per package




Package size



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Product description


Each bottle contains 10ml of liquid with 2000mg CBD. The integrated glass pipette allows an exact dosage and is especially hygenic as the glass doesn’t interact with other substances. One drop of our CBD Oil (20%) with Curcumin and Piperine contains approx. 8mg CBD. The content of the bottle is about 250 drops.

Suggested use

Ingredients may settle in the bottle after a certain time. This is normal, after shaking they will mix again and the product will be ready to use. For optimal absorption, we recommend placing the drops directly under the tongue. After 1-2 minutes swallow the remaining product. Since CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, it is advisable to combine its ingestion with appropriate fatty foods. Foods such as butter, milk, cheese, fatty plant milk or nuts activate the body’s fat-digesting enzymes and enable the CBD to be absorbed more easily. You can also add the oil to your food, but the effect will be somewhat delayed.

Safety instructions

The product must not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children. Please note that this product may interact with certain medications and psychotropic drugs.