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Nordic Oil

CBG Crystals (97%)

Nordic Oil

CBG Crystals (97%)

sold by nordiccbd
sold by nordiccbd



Relief and recovery

Тew CBG Crystals consist of 97% pure, isolated cannabigerol (CBG) and are recommended for experienced users. The crystals are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and free from artificial preservatives and colourants!


  • 1 mg powder corresponds to 0.97 mg CBG
  • comes from 100% certified organic cultivation.
  • hemp plants used are GMO-free
  • suitable for mixing with other oils or e-liquids


Read about CBD stress management below:


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User Reviews

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  1. Mr Anderson |

    The crystals are quite strong. It really helps to manage headache, sleep disorders and other similar stuff. I often use such a remedy especially during exams in my university

  2. Katy |

    Hello everyone! I used these crystals for some time and was highly satisfied with the effect! The product is really good and I wanna recommend it to everyone who dreams of having very strong nerves!


Product description

Seeking Calm in Stressful Times

Continuous stress is affecting more and more people nowadays. Outcome of such a condition might be harmful for health. Generally one in five suffers from headache, sleep disorders and upset stomach because of stress.

Long waiting times to get a prescription for stress remedy are often the case. There is a solution which is available over the counter.

CBD: How It Works

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the substance that is extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa. There are many cannabinoids and CBD is one of the key substances taking up to 40% of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Ongoing studies are proving many health benefits of CBD, not the least for coping with anxiety.

Our body possesses its own endocannabinoid system of brain receptors, responsible for mood, memory, energy balance and other vital functions. CBD naturally merges into it and influences receptor functions, giving no side effects.

CBD intake

  • creates the feeling of well-being
  • increasing appetite
  • helps in combating depression
  • keeps up energy balance


People who are taking CBD products confirm: you’re less likely to freak out and more in control of yourself when you use CBD. These products are ideal for people who are looking for natural help to relax and unwind.

Suggested use

1 mg powder corresponds to 0.97 mg CBG. For accurate dosing, we recommend the use of a balance that can measure in milligrams. Consume by placing under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds. Alternatively, CBG Crystals can be mixed with drinks, infused with cooking oils or combined with skincare products.

Safety instructions

  • The product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Please note that this product may interact with certain medications. For detailed information, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. The content provided is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist.