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CBD tea is a delicious and easy way to get a pre-measured daily dose of beneficial CBD. CBD tea may provide numerous health benefits such as uplifting mood, positive mental support, and providing relief for occasional difficulty sleeping and discomfort. CBD may also promote relaxation, help support cartilage and joint function, maintain system health, and help keep a healthy circulatory system and cardiovascular function.


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Night Time – Tea is made using unbleached paper tea bags and contains high-grade organic hemp containing full-spectrum and terpenes. One pack of Night Time – Hemp Tea contains ten large CBD tea bags, which are naturally caffeine-free and are specially selected to make a relaxing tea and impressive CBD blend.

What is CBD?
In a nutshell, CBD is one of the leading natural compounds found in cannabis. It gives cannabis many of its notable properties. In the last few decades, experts and scientists have found out how to CBD from the rest of the plant and add it to many different CBD products, which range from everything from pills and edibles to creams and lotions.
CBD is a completely different chemical compound from THC. THC is also the part of the plant, but it has properties that make people “high.” Without THC, people can safely get all the properties and potential benefits of cannabis without getting “high” or “stoned.” This is amazing because many patients want to be able to get the benefits of a cannabis-based product without experiencing any brain- inhibiting or unpleasant .

How does CBD work?

In the modern fast-changing world, cannabidiol or CBD is a hot topic. Although it is a ubiquitous term in the cannabis industry, many individuals do not know what CBD means. Besides, they are not aware of how it interacts with the human body when it is consumed.
Cannabinoids, as well as CBD, attach to specific receptors in the human body to produce their desired effects. The body actually has a particular biological system that responds to CBD and other cannabinoids. The system is called the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. Human beings have ECS receptors all over the body: in the brain, immune cells, the nervous system, nearly all of the organs, and connective tissues. The endocannabinoid system connects the brain with the rest of the body, which can explain how CBD can affect both the body and mind.

While THC interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, cannabidiol reacts slightly differently. In fact, CB1 receptors are primarily found in the brain, while CB2 receptors are mostly used in the . CBD is not directly attaching to the receptors like it can be seen in a case with THC. CBD seems to influence the human body to use more of its own cannabinoids.
Significantly, CB1 and CB2 receptors play an essential role in human bodies. CB1 has excellent potential to affect sensations like memory, pleasure, concentration, appetite, and tolerance. On the other hand, CB2 has the potential to affect organs like the liver and kidneys, pain tolerance, and the nervous system.

CBD to improve sleep

In general, one of the most critical elements for overall body recovery is sleep. When an individual is asleep, the human body does a lot to grow and repair the muscles.
If a person finds it difficult to fall asleep at night, CBD may be able to help. Whether an individual is experiencing and stress from various pressures of everyday or working out late at night, most likely cortisol is keeping them awake.
CBD can benefit sleep in two essential ways. Not only can CBD regulate cortisol levels and help consumers fall asleep faster, but also CBD administration reduces the symptoms of sleep behaviour disorder in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Importantly, deep and healthy sleep provides optimal conditions for muscle recovery and repair. While more scientific research is absolutely required on the topic of sleep and CBD, the initial findings are promising.

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